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over 400 realized projects, in the field since 1999, my clients are satisfied with my work, freelancer = minimal outgoings!

1st English s. r. o. Website designLogotype designComplete web presentation - Website desing, XHTML coding, SEO

Andrea Valašková
Client: 1st English s. r. o. (Represented)
By: Andrea Valaskova (Owner)
References: For a true layman it is sometimes not easy to explain to professional people in a given area what he or she exactly requires from his or her web pages and what affect the overall design of a company should have. In terms of the co-operation on the corporate design creation and web pages I have liked the flexibility, professionalism, helpfulness and swiftness of Mr. Žitnik. From my layman point of view not only he has managed to understand, explain and finally interpret into the language of numbers and design all I projected but also he has improved it all to meet our mutual satisfaction. I can only recommend a co-operation with him.
1st English s. r. o.

HYUNDAI Motor Manufacturing Czech - Hyundai NošovicecWebsite design

Martina Malá
Client: Marketing Company in Ostrava
By: Martina Malá (Senior Acount Manager)
Reference: Lukáš Žitník created a graphical design of the internet presentation of Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Company for us. The task was very general and the task giver primarily required ideas with emphasis on the most logical intuitive control features design. The emphasis was also put on the time flexibility and operativeness of required adjustments and corrections. Mr. Žitník accommodated the above-mentioned demands of our company at his best and in doing so he also helped us to get a contract which not only serves as a very substantial reference for us but also as an evidence of our and our suppliers' comparability with global competition.
HYUNDAI Motor Manufacturing Czech

Hotel Bonum - tříhvězdičkový hotel v Ostravě Website designComplete web presentation - Website desing, XHTML coding, SEO

Tomáš Golis
Client: Hotel Bonum s. r. o.
By: Tomas Golis - owner
Reference: Internet pages created by Mr. Žitník are very attractive and most importantly practical. After their launching we have been receiving an increasing number of orders for trainings thanks to the internet presentation. Our hotel guests speak highly of them as well. If our company realize another internet projects in the future, we will definitely turn to Mr. Žitník again.
Hotel Bonum - tříhvězdičkový hotel v Ostravě

NTS Computer, a. s. Website design

Martin Řehka
Client: NTS Computer, a. s.
By: Martin Rehka (Marketing manager)
Reference: Every computer company should have an attractive and presentable web pages. As our outdated internet pages did not comply with the fashion, we started to look for some professional graphic service which would be "value for money". After several designs and also some unpleasant peripeties with graphic studios we finally came across to Mr. Žitník's internet pages which immediately drew our attention. So we addressed Mr. Žitník, whose dealings were professional, the graphic was created in a very short time, the price was substantially lower than the one of a competition and the outcome was in a form of a perfect graphic design of our new web pages. We have been absolutely satisfied with Mr. Žitník's work. We have been given exactly what we wanted and we look forward to our possible future mutual cooperation
NTS Computers, a. s.

OVX 2003 s. r. o. - Internet a marketing Website designLogotype design

Michal Čížek
Client: OVX 2003 s. r. o. (Internetová agentura)
By: Michal Cizek (owner)
Reference: Lukáš Žitník simply knows his craft. By 1st May, 2008 it was 3 and half years since me and other similarly conditioned individuals started to create internet and multimedial presentations under the OVX logo. As our key graphic designer, Lukáš is responsible for many of our projects and I have never had a reason to regret our cooperation. It is an ideal case when a graphic designer is simultaneously a good (X)HTML/CSS coder, because he knows exactly what and where he can afford. He is also good with flash and other multimedial technologies. The lesser talker he is the more work he is able to perform. I appreciate his reliability, drive and ability to improve his own work which he has already been paid for only because he thinks there is something to be improved on it.
OVX 2003 s. r. o.

Schönwälder - Harmonie s. r. o. Website designComplete web presentation - Website desing, XHTML coding, SEO

Šimon Churý
Client: Schönwälder - Harmonie s. r. o.
By: Simon Chury - Senior account manager
Reference: During the year 2004 Mr. Žitník prepared a complete new structure and design of internet pages for our promotion and marketing companies. According to the favourable responses of our business partners and employees alike the both presentations are considered to be very successful in terms of contents and graphics. We are currently cooperating with Mr. Žitník on our new internet presentation for the nationwide network of promotional 3P Mediums of which we are providers in the Czech Republic. I believe that this presentation will also be as successful and creative as the previous one.
Schönwälder - Harmonie s. r. o.

NAR Marketing, s. r. o. Website design

Milan Kaplan
Client: NAR Marketing, s. r. o.
By: Milan Kaplan (owner)
Reference: Lukáš Žitník's joining the NAR team has significantly helped our company and pushed forward our possibilities in internet pages creation. We collaborated for about four years. To my/our satisfaction his initial temporary and on-and-off work developed into full-time job. He was constantly observing and learning to apply actual trends in design and internet pages programming. The web projects Lukáš participated in belong to those ones we are still very proud of (and deservedly, I believe).
NAR Marketing, s. r. o.

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