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Webdesign, website design and logotype

Why Website design and Logotype design with me?

over 400 realized projects, in the field since 1999, my clients are satisfied with my work, freelancer = minimal outgoings!

5 reasons for chosing my services - long-time experience ...

Chodura Špekáček
  1. Design sells - the internet pages of my clients are often recognized in various internet galleries of successful graphic designs.
  2. Experience - over 400 realized projects - I have realized well over 400 projects since 1999.
  3. I am a freelancer - I do not carry the weight of huge corporate costs as in case of big internet agencies.
  4. I also work for the top clients - - my references comprise of: Hyundai Nošovice, Česká pojištovna,, Kluci v Akci (Czech TV), Slovenská Sporiteľňa, Coca-Cola Czech Republic.
  5. First positions on and - my clients' internet pages occupy first positions in the search results.

My services - what can I do for you?

  • Website design (Most wanted service)
    I will create a modern graphic design, which will comply with the accessibility and serviceability requirements. I will send the documents in Photoshop program in layers or as a coded XHTML template.
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  • Logotype design
    I will design a new modern logo for your company with emphasis on simplicity, comprehensibility and dynamics. Along with the logo I will also provide you with the trademark exclusive use rights.
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  • Complete web presentation
    I will help you with the realization of the complete web presentation comprising - graphic design of the internet pages, coding XHTML templates of the web, filling the web with content, basic SEO optimization.
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  • XHTML coding
    I will help you convert the graphic design into XHTML templates. I prefer modern trend, that is maximal utilization of CSS and commonplace is the tableless layout (Doctype XHTML 1.0 Strict).
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  • Flash banners and videobanners - For my clients I design creativy of flash banners and video banners. In the period of 2005-2008 a cooperation with, position: banner creation, substantial experience with the service of Online Advertising Solution - Connextra.
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